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The World's Fair: 1939 -1940

by Unknown

Published 1939

World's Fairs: New York, 1939-40
Various amateur films, download from, are edited and condensed to show what a day at the World’s Fair.

Run time 10:32
Producer Unknown
Audio/Visual none, color


* The World's Fair 1939 1940 from afar, Crowds entering the park.
* Countries and state buildings; USA, Poland, Venezuela, League of Nations, Itlaila, New York, Russia, Japan, Ireland, Argentina.
* Amusement rides and demonstrations.
* Shows and parades
* Commercial and technological exhibits.
* Gardens and flowers.
* Night life, City of Light and fireworks.


Reviewer: thundrmi - - August 13, 2009
Subject: Thanks
As a World's Fair Memorabilia Collector of 20 yrs, this helps give meaning to many of the artifacts I now own. Narration would be helpful but it's also interesting to see it from the 'home movie' perspective. Thanks for posting this.